Abobo is known to be very fucking angry.

Abobo, also known as Aboboss, OH GOD THE PAIN, and SMASH, is easily one of the most bloodthirsty and intimidating wrestlers on the roster. Making one of the most furious rampages on the season 1 finale, killing/maiming/brutalising eight young and still full of hope wrasslers. The hospital found the injuries to be too gruesome to be made public.

Actually once lost a fight against The master of the jew claw in a money in the bank match, but only because Monopoly Man's lust for money temporarily overpowered abobo's bloodthirst. It is rumored Our glorious and beloved COE actually kidnapped aboboy to ensure abobo's stay in /v/we. Coincidentally, our COE is now often accompanied by at least three bodyguard and blackthong at all times since abobo joined.

Abobo is best known for his brutal fighting style, which usually involves objects, smashing, humiliation, and smashing so hard that even Dave's stop signs hang floppy in shamfur dispray. A quick fighter may dodge all these attacks, but also must make it past abobo's intense defense, with Pac-Monk only being able to defeat Abobo because Abobo was slightly below his usual 1000% after his previous eight kills, and even then, Pac needed a finisher to finally slam Abobo outside the ring.

It is speculated his full power will be unleashed in season 2. If Mike will ever erect a season 2.


  • There was once a huge amount of trivia, but Abobo smashed it.