"I never asked for this."


Adam "The Future" Jensen also known as Half-Minute hero is a former /v/WE Champion, winning the 7th Royal Rumble that took place on Janurary 26th, 2012.

Jensen wins /v/we season 1

Video Game Wrestling CareerEdit

Jensen future


Adam Jensen made his debut on /v/WE on the day the /v/WE launched. He is one of the main and originals on the ever-changing and limited roster.

His championship was been taken by Wario who used sneaky JEW tactics like backstabbing before match started and RUNNING out of the arena.
Future jensen

Beaten by JEWARIO


Jensen was a former /v/WE World Champion, defeating Duke Nukem for the title. He has participated in every Royal Rumble match as of Janurary 26, 2012.

Interrupted the hea/v/yweight championship match on 02/16/2012 between Guile and Billy Mays after Guile shamelesly resorted to jew tactics by kicking Mays in the back of the head before the round started. Resulting in Jensen holding Guile in a chokehold.

Other MediaEdit

After his rise to the top to become the /v/WE champion, Jensen was offered the lead as the main protagonist in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and gladly accepted even though he never asked for this.

Championships Edit


Jensen against "The Fuhrer" at the Rumble.

1x /v/WE Champion

1x Rumble Winner


"I never asked for this..." (On his Title Shot against Duke Nukem)

'"I saw it coming, I just didn't think it would be that brutal..."'' '(On Woody's Death by the hands of Liquid and absortion by Skelenegro)

"Yeah, RIP." (On the question of whether he had any final words about his defeat of Liquid in the Championship Match)


  • Seems to be disgusted at jew tactics, considering his response of holding Once honorable Guile in a chokehold in response for his jewing.
  • For unexplained reasons, Adam Jensen despises mirrors and will stop at nothing to break them if he is reflected off them, implying self-esteem issues.
  • Professional Soccer Football player.
  • Before being assassinated eliminated by Ezio, Adam showed just why he was the Champion when he achieved a stunning 9 eliminations in the April 13th Royal Rumble; some speculate that this was done to protect the assassin's well-known record of 10 eliminations.
  • Believed to be in a romantic relationship with diva wrassler Metroid. Jensen has yet to respond to such rumors.

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