Adolf Hitler
The Führer facing off against Jensen.
/v/WE Character
Titles The goddamn Führer
Series Real life
Allies Barack Obama, Josef Stalin
Enemies Adam Jensen, Team Jew

Adolf "The Führer" Hitler is a wrestler of the /v/WE.

The Austrian born Adolf, better known by his fans as "The Fuhrer" joined the /v/we roster on the 30th of January 2012.

From an early age, Adolf was a fan of wrestling and made it his life goal to become the best there ever was, and in doing so rose to fame in Germany. Fighting for the fatherland, Adolf has a fierce temperment and is sure to leave audiences with a fight to remember.

He participated in many Royal Rumbles, even after a huge display of skill, he could never truly win one. While he has never won a rumble he does have many fans, upon entering the Ring many fans will heil by standing up and hold their arm up to the air. ;_;/

He's more famous for being a member of the New World Order (NWO) team. Which is a famous wrestling team also composed by Obama and Stalin.

Demonstrated some form of black magic (Possibly Jew Magic or a new form of magic: Antisemitic Magic) as he phased through the ring only to appear outside of it moments later on the NWO vs Team Bustas match of February 1sth 2012.


thumb|right|300px|Hitler after lost rumble against Adam "The Future" Jensen. His sworn enemy is Adam Jensen and all the members of Team Jew, which he has sworn to eradicate to make the world pursue once more.


  • Seems to have gained a few inches in height since 1945.