Barack Obama
Yes. We. Can.
/v/WE Character
Titles United States President
Series Real life
Allies Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler
Enemies JeWario

President Barack Obama is a professional /v/WE wrestler. Along with The Fuhrer and Stalin, he is a part of the team New World Order or NWO for short.

/v/GW achivementsEdit

The President triumphed over CJ in the Royal Rumble finale on 28th of January and got to wrestle Jewario for the champion title. However, Mr. Change didn't even stand a chance against Jew Magic, as Wario (joined by Billy "The Rigger" Mays) wrecked Mr. President ass 2-0.

After that fight, Obama swore revenge and thus Wario added another wrestler to his Enemy list.

Recently, Obama has some nice matches with Team NWO. Unfortunately, his team is limited by the amount of budget /v/WE has and thus cannot get far in Tag Team Tournaments. (Example would be in the February 1st Tag Team Tournament.) His Royal Rumble history as of lately is average at best, but gets some nice moments once in a while.

Theme songEdit

America fuck yeah-team america

America fuck yeah-team america


  • Possess total swag level, as he enters arena from a limo.
  • Has an ability called "Nigeria Trigger" which spawned from Obama kicking Warios ass to Dante's Marvel vs Crapcom theme.
Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Dante

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Dante