Big Boss
Big boss mgs-778494
Time to teach you the basics of CQC.
/v/WE Character
Titles Former Tag Team Champion
Series Metal Gear Solid
Allies Solid Snake, Fox McCloud, Raiden, Fairness
Enemies The Jew Crew, Weapons

Big Boss occasionally serves as a stand-in for Raiden in Team Fauxhound, the reigning Tag Team Champions. He is well respected by the fans, alongside Solid Snake. He is so well respected infact that whenever he comes out to the ring, or is put out of a Rumble, he is saluted. Is known for being surpreme and eating tree frogs.

He has shown that he has what it takes to stand up against Skelenegro and his corporate lackeys. Unfortunately, he hasn't had any spectacular results in the Royal Rumbles.



Big Boss with the defending Tag Team Champs

Fauxhound's previous incarnation before their bout with Team TF2 (Note the lack of Naked Raiden and Snake's supple smooth cheeks)

Theme SongEdit

thumb|300px|left|Theme Song

What a thriiiil...

With darkness and silence through the night
What a thrill...
I'm searching and i'll melt into you..
What a fear in my heart
But you're so supreeeeeeeeeeeme!!

I give my life
Not for honor, but for yoooooooooou (snake eater)
In my tiiiiiiiiiiime there'll be no one eeeeeeeelse
Criiiiiime, it's the way i fly to yoooooooou (snake eater)
I'm still in a dreeeeeeeeeeeeam, snake eateeeeeeeeeeeeer!!

{C Someday you go through the rain,
Someday you feed on a tree frog,
It's ordeal, the trial to surviiiiiiiive
For the daaaaaaaaaaay we see new liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!
I give my life
Not for honor, but for yoooooooooooou (snake eater)
In my tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime there'll be no one eeeeeeeeeelse
Criiiiiiiiime, it's the way i fly to yooooooooooou (snake eater)
I'm stiiiiiiiiiiiiiill in a dreeeeeeeeeeam, snake eateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer


  • Known to climb up long sets of ladders to collect himself.
  • Some day, he'll feed on a tree frog.
  • Has the same affinity for boxes as his son.
  • Known user of the Educated Feet style.
  • Often confused with Solid Snake by the audience.
  • As displayed in the season 1 championship fight, Big Boss disapproves of the use of improvised weaponry during wrassling. His disapproval extended to the point where he beat the fuck out of heavily disciplined his son, Liquid Snake.