Buzz dedyear

"To Infinity...and Beyond!" - Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger

Originating from parts unknown (possibly a child's bedroom), this space ranger has been recently signed on to /v/WE by Skelenegro, after several recommendations from his partner, Woody. His average build and good physique make him one of the more athletic combatants in /v/WE, giving him an advantage over the more bulky fighters. Since he was recently signed, not much is known about this fighter as of yet, but recent appearances have shown him to be a furious fighter in the ring and shows alot of potential.

Recent appearancesEdit

On the 31st of January, Buzz Lightyear made his debut appearance in Royal Rumble #1. He appeared #4 and lasted a moderate amount of time for a fighter in a rumble. Although unable to make any significant attacks or eliminations, he put up a good fight against strong fighters such as Guile and Adam "The Future" Jensen. He still has a lot to learn (such as avoiding being bribed and jewed by Wario), but he has a lot of potential.

Our Favourite Deputies appearanceEdit

Buzz was set to fight alongside his teammates Red Ranger and Woody on the 1st of February against the Planet Express crew as entertainment for the troops in Iraq. The match was heated, and none could say in either sides favour, however as the match progressed, a controversial punch from Buzz against his own teammate, Woody, followed by him leaving the arena in anger, left the crowds in awe. Nobody can be sure as of this point in time as to what sparked the incident in what was thought of as a tight knit partnership, and as of yet Buzz has declined to comment. Rumours persist that pre-match Buzz's language settings had been set to Infidel Iraqi, prompting his aggression however this accusation has been denied by the tag team's manager, Andy.

The match was cancelled due to lack of pins suspected terrorist/insurgent activity. A rematch was scheduled approximately 60 seconds later in mainland 'Murrika; Buzz and Woody seemingly having made peace with each other. Said match was also cancelled, as Our Favourite Deputies continued to hit each other and refused to pin the enemy combatants of the Planet Express crew. Instead of trying to end the match, Our Favourite Deputies continously dragged members of Planet Express to their corner, where they proceeded to show no signs of mercy by beating the opposition senseless.


  • Is a fair sport and doesn't fly arround in /v/we.
    • That's not flying. It's falling with style.