Chris chan warrior of love by neodalion

Christian Weston Chandler was an up and coming /v/WE wrestler and autist that joined /v/WE roster on 28th January, 2012.

All the torture /v/ has brought upon him has forced him to bring out his rage in the only way he can... by bringing TRUE AND HONEST CONTENT via the form of ASS KICKING.

However, the /v/WE corporation found some kind of interest in Chris Chan after he uploaded a video showing off his talent.

It is unknown whether or not his faithful creation Sonichu will be hired, but fans can only pray both of them grace us with their appearance.

On January 28th, Chris Chan joined Team Autism with Sanic and Hank Hill in pursuits of fame and glory.

Chris Chan was removed from the roster on January 30th, only a day after his debut, because of MAXIMUM AUTISM.


Team Sonichu vs Team AssCreedEdit

Christian Chandler's debut match was a tag-team match with his long-life partner, Sanic, against Team AssCreed, both Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Altaïr Ibn La Ahad. During the match, Chris Chan showed that he could hold his own in a fight. Sadly though, the match went on for far too long and ended in a draw with no winner, except for the tables, being decided.

Royal Rumble DebutEdit


Face to Face with JeWario

In the latest Royal Rumble, CWC showed his grit by holding out all the way 'til the end to be the last man standing with JeWario. However, due to his immense autism, and JeWario's Jew-Magic, he didn't stand a chance. Not 2 minutes into the fight, Chris Chan was thrown out of the ring with ease, having JeWario leaving as the Rumble champ.

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  • Chris Chan had one the highest swag level of all wrastlers in /v/WE, as showcased in his intro during the bout between Team Sonic and CWC vs The Creed.