Educated feet are usually found at the very bottom of pro wrestlers, who use them to beat their opponents by kicking, stomping, and other various moves. Most pro wrestlers in the /v/idya Wrestling Entertainment have feet but some of them have yet to educate them. Those who lack educated feet are prone to suffer from what's known as Spaghetti Leg syndrome.

Educated feet in the History of MankindEdit

For as far as Man's History goes back, educated feet have always existed. Historians aren't all sure about the subject, but Feet expert Jerry "the King" Lawler says we can find traces of them all the way back to the Genesis : "Adam and Eve had educated feet, and so did their children. They were the cause of the snake's jealousy, whose feet were unneducated, and nonexistent due to being a snake", says the man.

Educated feet in the /v/idya Wrestling EntertainmentEdit

Having educated feet is not required to enter the /v/idya Wrestling Entertainment, but it is definitely an advantage. It is particularly useful in the Royal Rumble match.

Educated feet may have some kind of link to being able to posses Raw Unmitigated Power .

Relation to Jew-MagicEdit

If one was to have Educated Feet then there is a very high chance that they would be able to beat a Jew. Rather than using underhanded tactics and miraculously burning tables, Educated Feet relies only on precision, skill and Raw Unmitigated Power.

Grandmaster WeskerEdit

Albert Wesker showed in his recent Hell in a Cell bout that he was incredibly skilled in the art of Educated Feet, so much so that he was able to keep Gaben back with multiple spin-kicks for a gruelling two minutes before finally being interuptted.

Wrestlers who have educated feetEdit