Ezio Auditore da Firenze
"Requiescat in pace."
/v/WE Character
Titles Dashin' Hashshashin
Series Assassin's Creed
Allies Altair,Redpants
Enemies Fauxhound,Team Green and Dosed,Sanic,Skelenegro

Ezio Auditore da Firenze, simply called Ezio, is one of the current wrestlers in the /v/WE. He has made quite a name for himself with flashy flips, high-risk maneuvers and great technicality. A force to be reckoned with in the Royal Rumbles, Ezio has shown numerous times over that he is a capable wrestler. He has had his hopes of the /v/WE Championship dashed by Skelenegro twice. As such there is some bad blood between him and the CEO.

He is the current record holder for most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble, with an impressive 10.

Ezio lost a fierce argument against Skelenegro which turned into a fist fight. Rumours say Ezio requested more ladders after his fight against Picard on 28th January, but /v/WE budget wasn't able to finance this purchase. He's also known for having a bitc


The CEO in defeat, refuses sportsmanship.

hin' theme song (shown at the bottom of the page).

Practioner of Educated Feet.

He is Allies with Altaïr and Redpants, and enemies with Fauxhound, Green and Dosed, Sanic and Skelenegro himself.

On the 9/2/12 He faced Skele in a shot for the title, it was time to put the COE to Requiestat. He did this, and after a long gruelling battle, he managed to break several pins and win against Skele 2-0. Now the /v/WE champion.

Shown in the 9/2/12 match vs Jessica to be either resistant or completely immune to Jew-Magic, as well as possibly being a user.

The CreedEdit

Ezio has a tag team with fellow assassin Altaïr, as Team AssCreed. The team debuted against another tag team, Team Autism, composed of CWC and Sanic. The Tornado Tag Team Match between the two teams, which consisted of a great and extended use of a flaming table, conflagrated into a heated battle with neither side able to throw one of the opposing competitors through the burning table. Ultimately, the match ended in a draw.

Deciding who won between Team Autism and The Creed and the tables was hotly contested, but it was The Creed who went on to face Piccolo and Vegeta in a ladder match.

The match was short but fierce, and The Creed was bested by Team Green and Dosed as Piccolo grabbed the briefcase only seconds before Ezio could stop him with a dramatic jump which came just a split second too late.

For his assistance in the match against Green and Dosed, Redpants has been made an honorary assassin.


  • According to the OP, Ezio is from France.
  • Fights for his family.
  • Gaben has stated that Ezio is a Sharp Dresser
  • Fans commonly refer to Ezio's eliminations as assassinations.
  • He is rich, but not really a Jew, as he gladly spreads his wealth around.
  • Loves ladders.
  • Loves to dive from ladders onto the winner of the match.
  • Best friends with Redpants.

thumb|300px|left|Ezio's official theme

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