Big Boss carried on for over 5 minutes of fighting alone. ;_;7

February 9th's /v/WE Tag Team Championship Title Match between former champions Fauxhound (Solid Snake, Faux and Big Boss) and the challengers, the Jew Crew (Wario, Robotnik and Picard). In the match Fauxhound was crushed by the Jews thanks to Jew Magic applied to the ring ropes.


Several Elimination Tornado Tag Matches led Jew Crew to fight 2fort Crew for the title shot, which they earned after destroying the TF2 men, the other runner-ups for the title. Fauxhound was ready to defend their honor, but little they knew, the ropes were enchanted with Jew Magic, putting them in a critical disadvantage...

The MatchEdit

Solid Snake and Wario came out first, shortly followed by Big Boss. It seemed a clear advantage, a 2v1 early handicap for Fauxhound, but JeWario, empowered by the ropes Jew Magic put up an extraordinary defense. Disaster struck for Fauxhound, being Faux eliminated jewed at 7:30 by Picard. Now the Snakes at huge disadvantage, and in great danger. Two minutes later, Solid Snake couldn't remember the basics of CQC and took a deadly Jew Punch by Wario, and was thus eliminated jewed by Wario. A disappointed Big Boss continued to show his CQC mastery by countering the Jew Tricks and the like for almost 6 minutes, but

Picard finally pinned him, earning his team the Championship.
Jew crew

The Jew Crew, after defeating Fauxhound.

The AftermathEdit

After Big Boss's heroic last stand, he was given the oportunity to challenge Ezio for the /v/WE Championship on 13/2/2012

Video recording by XpOsirirs:


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