Gaben Newell
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/v/WE Character
Titles Master of Delays
Series Real life
Enemies Donkey Kong, Skelenegro

Gaben Logan Newell is a battle hardened /v/idya wrestler, who has yet to taste sweet victory in any championship. He is one of the few "real" characters, just like his confederate Billy Mays . Also like him, he is grossly obese well rounded Handsome.

Team AffiliationEdit

It is unclear what his motives in the /v/WE are; as he works alone. Although he is the CEO of Valve Software, he claims no affiliation with Team TF2, and did not say a word when both The Spy and Gordon "Episode 3" Freeman were tragically cut from the ultimate tournament. Some say he is pulling the strings behind the scenes, making his utter failures in wrestling to distract the loyal fans from his plan to take control of the /v/WE from Skelenegro. How he plans on doing such an act is debateable, but some sources say he will do this by "pressing a GabeN."


Gabe was part of the project known as Les Obese Terribles, in which he is a
Large Boss

Large Boss

genetic clone of legendary game designer, Large Boss.

Gabe Newell Rise to Power

Gabe Newell Rise to Power

The story of how one man rose from a life in shambles to founding one of the most innovative and successful video game studios

In /v/WE wrestlingEdit

The RumblesEdit

GabeN's performance in the Rumble matches is sporadic. Usually he gets eliminated after a few minutes, but never eliminated straight away. His most impressive performance was on the 28th of January where he was one of the first fighters out, but stayed until the final fighters. After his elimination many were convinced GabeN deserved to have a title shot. Someday.

Donkey Kong

Gaben has a long history with "The Natural". It began during a rumble winner's cage match between Gaben, DK, Billy "Rigger" Mays and Captain Falcon. Gaben and DK relentlessly attacked each other for the duration of the match outside of the ring.

Gabe lost against the first member of the DK crew consistently throughout their feud and has been bitter since. Full description found in character article.

Also lost to DK in a ladder match, after suffering a heart attack. He then made a full recovery and rematched the simian. He won that time finally.

Theme songEdit

Stop a Gaben

Stop a Gaben



His signature move is "Hat Slam" in which Newell jumps on his opponet's head, resembling headwear, and uses his mass to bring his enemy to the mat.

Another famous move of Gabe is the bone crushing "Trip" which occurs when Gabe forces his chest forward while keeping his feet still, then jumping at the last second with the tip of his feets, sending him flying skull first into a downed enemy.
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  • Despite many slams from ladders onto the ring, the ring has miracilously not collapsed.
  • Is known to be aggressive when he suspect food is handed down, but isn't.