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A band from San Andreas has decided to enter the /v/WE in order to gain enormous amounts of money to redesign their small home street. Their consistent loses against a variety of teams have given them a punching-bag reputation, but they are still shooting for glory.



They won the title of Team Champion once, but soon lost it to the 2Fort Crew.

On the 31st of January, tensions between Grove Street Families and Green and Dosed team rose and peaked in a fierce elimination chamber match. CJ and his homeboys outnumbered Vegeta and defeated him quickly, seeing their fallen ally succumb, the angry Piccolo and Hulk defeated Ryder, Big Smoke and CJ.

In an post-match interview Big Smoke stated "[...] All you had to do was powerbomb the damn greenman CJ!"

Many of our interviewers tried to get Ryder to comment on the match but all we could get was "You busta." Many of our sources indicate Ryder was extremely anally pained over the result of the match.