"Finishing this rumble."

Master Chief, occasionally called Master Chef, Captain King, Halo and Asstor Sheef, is another skilled fighter of the /v/WE, beloved by the fans, he is also a pretty cool guy, wrassle with fighters and isn't afraid of anything. He could be considered a secondary character of the /v/WE.

So far, Captain King has won 3 different Royal Rumbles, and is a force to be reckoned with in them - commonly dispatching multiple people by himself - however, he hasn't performed well in the championship bouts, always caught recharging his shields at the last moment. Despite his impressive track record, Halo hasn't done anything spectacular in the last few days. When asked about this, Halo could only comment "I was gonna ring my self out. Mix things up a little."

Also, rumours say Cortana left him after supposed cyber-pregnancy occurred. After receiving this colossal ego hit, Master Chief got into /v/WE.

Theme songEdit

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  • He seems to be wearing another helmet under his helmet.
  • King has been credited with inventing wrassling.
  • Frequently asks for weapons.
  • Is now holder of the Shamefur Dispray award for being a whopping 10 seconds into the royal rumble before getting the boot.
    Master chef
    Discharged of award by the OEC