Hank Hill, aka "the Pro Pain Seller" "the Propane Seller" "the Worst Wrestler in This Company", (born March 19
, 1961) was a former member of /v/idya Wrestling Entertainment. Often considered to be one, if not the, least talented performer in the whole roster, he was, for some weird reason however, one of people's favorites. Considering the audience's reaction, it could be that they identify and see a bit of themselves in this bad but lovable awkward and shameful excuse for a competitor. Unappreciated by OP, his chances of getting involved into any important stuff as well as staying employed were very slim.

He had a pretty high swag level however, entering the ring with some fly glasses on and a cowboy hat. He also inhales an unidentified substance through his narrow urethra, most likely propane, which can possibly explain his less then stellar preformances.

He was also an honorary member in Team Autism, with Chris Chan and Sanic. We're not sure why either.

He ended his career after being a laughing stock of the entire roster, with the host laughing on him and insulting him many times. He went back to his work as a propane seller.


He managed to stay in the ring for just about 16 seconds during one of the Royal Rumbles that took place on January 27th, 2012, making it the quickest elimination in /v/WE history. His record has yet to be beaten.

Career outside of the /v/idya Wrestling EntertainmentEdit

He was featured in the American animated series "King of the Hill", where he was a propane seller.

The people Hank Hill could beat in a pro wrestling matchEdit

- Maybe Redpants ;

- Possibly Zach Gowen, if we cut his remaining leg ;

- Woody . Maybe.

-Darth Vader? Possibly?

-Probably The Terminator.

Usual moves and finishersEdit

Considering he was never able to perform any move on anyone, the World may never know. We can only provide what we think his usual moves and finisher are.

Special Maneuver :

  • Getting into the ring ;
  • Getting his ass handled ;
  • Getting tossed out of the ring.

Finishing Manuever :

  • Getting beaten.