The death of Woody

An event that occurred from 20/2/12 - 27/2/12 that resulted in Skelenegro killing Jackie Chan and the entirety of Our Favourite Deputies.

The BeginningEdit

The event began with two matches for a mysterious prize. The first was a 6 man ladder match in which Woody proved victorious, the second a 6 man cage match won by Liquid Snake. The winners went on to face each other in the /v/WE's first ever inferno match.

Liquid defeated Woody, tossing him through the flames. The burns left Woody hospitalized.

Released from the hospital despite the state of his health being dubious, Woody had his chance at revenge in a Fatal 4 Way involving himself, Liquid, Duke Nukem and Gaben. Woody failed; Liquid Snake won the match and Woody was put into a coma.

Death of WoodyEdit

The Skelenegro entered the weakened Woody's mind using his Jewish sorcery with the intent of absorbing his soul. Like the match that started it all, their match was an inferno match. Woody fared no better against the CEO than he did against Liquid, and was killed and absorbed.


Seeking revenge for Woody's death, former teammates Buzz and Red Ranger along with the newly arrived Jackie Chan began attacking all of Woody's enemies.

Their first victim was Captain Yesterday, who the soundly defeated in a 1 on 3 handicap match. Next, Buzz and Jackie attacked the /v/WE Champion and man who put Woody into the hospital, Liquid Snake. Despite interference by Faux and a strong initial showing by Liquid, they were able to win the match.

Finally, Buzz fought Skelenegro in a one on one match. In what was termed a "shamefur dispray" Buzz had his butt annihilated in one of the shortest matches in /v/WE history.

Killing SpreeEdit

Skelenegro, being "too black for this shit" decided he had it with Our Favourite Deputies and Jackie Chan disrespecting him and the /v/WE.

He challenged each to an inferno match with their souls on the line, with the stipulation that if one of them won, he would return Woody and any of the others he had beaten back to life.

Unfortunately for our favourite deputies, the Skelenegro is not easily beaten. He killed them all, and absorbed their souls.