Picard fighting against Eggman

"Reports of my Jewishness are greatly exaggerated.'"

Captain Jean-Luc Picard is a /v/WE wrestler from the 24th century who use to wrestle on the USS Enterprise until he was teleported back in time to the 21st century.

For many days he was considered a minor character of the league, until he displayed great wrestling skills in the 28th's Battle Royale. Even if Swift "OP 2.0" won the Battle Royale, the fans were angry and requested a fight between Ezio (the best fighter of the 28th's battle royale) and Picard (The second best and most beloved by the fans at the time).

Picard displayed Jew tactics in his battle against Ezio, taking him by surprise. He fought well, but suffered a stroke during the fight, ending it prematurely.

Picard participated in the Battle for the Championship against Robotnik, in which he also displayed Jew Tactics by taking Robotnik from behind.

Contender of LADDER mastery. His weakness are burning tables. Adept at Jew Magic.

Deleted and replaced by Black Dynamite on 3/6/12 by a power hungry Mike Erector. Billy Mays has replaced him in the Jew Crew.

Signature MovesEdit

The Brig (Sumbission Hold).

Team Affiliation Edit

Picard is on Team Jew, with JeWario, Waluigi, Billy "Rigger" Mays and Robotnik

His sworn enemies are Robotnik and Ezio, because of their anti-semetism wins, although he later joined the New Jew Crew and appears to have dismissed his rivalry with Robotnik for a chance at the Tag Team Championship.thumb|300px|left|Theme Song


  • Had to get rid of his borg shit, as ordered by COE Skelenegro.