Typical Jew Tactician

Jew Tactics are the initial steps for any /v/WE wrestler who desires to use Jew Magic.

Signs of a Jew Tactics userEdit

The causes of the use of these Tactics are simple:

-Overwhelming ability for jews to become more succesful than the majority of the world and to inherently be able to earn more money than the standard person.

Larry elison

Larry Ellison Net worth: $28 billion ranked sixth on Forbes list of the world’s richest people

Larry Ellison ------------------------------------->>Net Worth --28 Billion *
  • ranked sixth on Forbes list of the world’s richest people*
  • Ability to run on JST (Jew Standard Time)--The most efficient and accurate type of time in the world. Recognized as an unachievable standard for most religions and people in the world. Blacks are notorious for their NT (Negro-time). Jews cannot fathom this type of behavior.
  • Fear of losing a fight
  • Lack of physical prowess against a much more powerful fighter
  • Allies and friends who use Jew Tactics or Jew Magic
  • Having inherent Evil or Thief-like characteristics, such as Wario's greed.


Jew Tactics are composed of:

  • Surprise attacks before the start of a fight
  • Bribing the referee for slower countdowns and other illegal moves.
  • Using teleportation to leave the ring and its vicinity, blending into the crowd and suddenly coming back in, leaving the opponent dumbfounded. (this is one of the last steps, you can normally become a Jew Magic user right after this one)

Known Users of Jew TacticsEdit

  1. Wario (Also the most powerful of the Jew Magic users, and current boss of all /v/WE jews)
  2. Waluigi
  3. Jean-Luc Picard
  4. Ivo Robotnik (Early symptoms of usage of Jew Tactics, though not a full user of these)
  5. Liquid Snake
  6. Guile