Liquid Snake
/v/WE Character
Titles /v/WE Champion
Series Metal Gear Solid
Allies Albert Wesker?
Enemies Solid Snake

Liquid Snake is the twin brother of Solid Snake and professional wrestler for /v/WE.


Often without a shirt, Liquid has long been a rival of Snake. He is sometimes confused with Raiden, a member of Team Fauxhound. He is a secondary fighter in the /v/WE and, in a solo match against Solid Snake, has shown to be at least half-Jewish, due to his use of Jew Tactics with an underhanded takedown on Snake earlier in the match.

Possible Alliance with WeskerEdit

Team Blonde Bastards may be a long ways off, but there's no denying the similarities in these two powerful combatants. Both love trenchcoats, conviluded plans, speaking in gloriously suave voices and more importantly, shouting the names of their most hated people. It has still to be seen however, that if these rumours are true, and more importantly if they are, will they ever take down the Jew King.


Solid v. LiquidEdit

A match of Superior Genes and thrills, it started with Liquid using his Jew Tactics to gain the upper hand. The twin snakes fought for roughly 5 minutes before Adam Jensen hopped into the ring to fight in Solid's favor. Despite this intervention though, Liquid came out on top.

Woody v. LiquidEdit

Sent to fight for first shot at a grand, but mysterious, prize match later in the week, Liquid faced down Our Favorite Deputy in the INFERNO. Woody resisted for as long as he was able, but wood burns, liquid doesn't and after several agonising minutes the cowboy fell down, down, down into the burning ring of fire.

Hoovy v LiquidEdit

Shortly after the events of Woody's death, Liquid went on to his title match against


Hoovy. It was a relatively short match, but brutal as holy fuck. Heavy became the Russian Bear personified, And Liquid was less fighting and more desperately trying to survive.

However, after the Hoovy's crafty Kritzkreig worn off, Liquid's nanomachines kicked into overdrive and he became untouchable. Channeling his superior genes, he defeated Hoovy soundly through double pin, and finally after a long and bloody week, became /v/WE Champion.


  • His battlecry of "BROOOOTHEEEEEEEERRR" is a fan favourite among the audience.