Lu Bu
"Come and face me! Come and face the great Lu Bu!"
/v/WE Character
Titles Flying General
Series Dynasty Warriors
Allies Skelenegro, Heavy, Joseph Stalin
Enemies Guile, Barack Obama

"I....I.... It's.... Lu Bu!"

Lu Bu is a suggested wrassler for /v/WE, known for his appearances in the Dynasty Warriors franchise. He is rumored to be the strongest wrassler of a Chinese wrassling tournament.

Lu Bu was born in Wuyuan and gained a reputation, during the Late-Han period, as a powerful wrassler. Starting off his career as the Master of Records under Ding Yuan, Lu Bu would help participate in He Jin's match against the Imperial Eunuchs. Soon after, however, Lu Bu murdered Ding Yuan offstage and went over to Dong Zhuo's team. Throughout his life thereafter, Lu Bu showed a penchant for betrayal. At various points in time during his career, Lu Bu turned against Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shu, Liu Bei and a plethora of other Tag team champions on multiple occasions. As of AD 198 2012, Lu Bu was finally eliminated from the tournament and lost it all, turning to the bottle.

In a drunken stupor one fateful night, Lu Bu was tied up and thrown into a wagon limousine, finding himself face to face with a skeleton of colour who gave him another chance to put his wrassling techniques to use. Lu Bu reluctantly accepted the offer. To this day, Skelenegro is still wary of Lu Bu, due to his reputation back home as a traitor.

Theme SongEdit

Lu Bu - King of Destroyer (HQ)

Lu Bu - King of Destroyer (HQ)


  • Lu Bu is a fan of hats, and often gets along with Heavy for that reason.
    • Lu Bu's hatred of capitalism and cowards have also won him the friendship of both Heavy and Stalin.
  • Some argue that it is bad luck to pursue Lu Bu. Often, they are right.