1. The CEO a.k.a. Jessica, Skelenegro - 5 successful title defenses earns him the #1 spot
  2. The Hulk - Won his 2nd Royal Rumble on the 31st of January and constantly picks up Vegeta's slack in tag team matches
  3. Our Favorite Deputies and the Planet Express crew - Both teams fought to a stalemate TWICE, Red Ranger and Zoidberg are suspected to be GOD tier, Fry received a buff, Buzz is solid, and Woody has potential as long as he doesn't wrassle intoxicated like he did in the Jessica Strikes Back event (tripped multiple times when he could've won the match)

Honorable mentions: Wario, DK, and Billy Mays (for his 6 eliminations in Rumble #2 on the 31st)


These wrasslers need to step up their game because I haven't seen them do shit since I started watching the stream:

  • Batman (retired?)
  • Master Chief
  • Adam Jensen
  • Spider-man Deadpool
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Captain Falcon (still good at giving abortions though)

Also, Wikia blogs suck tremendously. I had to post this twice just to make sure it actually got published to my profile. Disregard the other one.