The Moorish Miscreant not giving flying fuck.

"I say gentlemen, this ruffian affair of grappling and tossing is quite barbarian. I'll enlighten you on the great battle dances of my tribe."

Man of Color in a Chicken Suit, born on April 12, 1991, official name, Jaykwan Orangelo Lemengelo Dwayne Johnson, is a fan favorite /v/WE fighter. When he arrives on the scene, viewers are prone to yell out his name (his alias, not his actual name). He dons the chicken mask, hoping that one day, he may finally get the fried chicken he so desperately desires.

Wrestling CareerEdit

Man of Color in a Chicken Suit was one of the first /v/WE wrestlers on the roster alongside the CEO. He is always a crowd favourite, despite not always doing very well in the ring.

He has one Royal Rumble win.

Fired to search his Quad Chickens, on 13/02/2012.

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  • He has a doctorate in child psychology.