The NWO in their match for the Tag Team Championship against Team TF2.

The members of the NWO consist of Adolf "The Fuhrer" Hitler, Barack "The President" Obama, and Joseph "Josef" Stalin. They have each induvidually shown some talent in the Royal Rumbles, but together, Barack seems to outshine his comrades and Hitler seems to suck.

They recieved a title shot against Team TF2, but unfortunately their performance was less-than stellar. Rumours later emerged after Stalin accidentally attempted to pin his Team Mate Adolf Hitler, that there was still some bitterness left over after the events of WWII, with Obama having to step in and stop the two. It has been unconfirmed as to whether this is true, as Stalin had suffered severe head trauma, and was bleeding badly. Due to this, it may have resulted in a lapse of cohesiveness, lending reason as to why he may have mistaken Hitler for a Grove Street member.

Famous for hitting each other during matches. Lost to an overdose on February 1st 2012.


An Unlikely Sight. (Not the winning part)