Cell made his /v/WE debut on 13/02/2012

His first official debut fight, along with the other 6 wrestlers, involved him going completey berserk against Bowser, as he fought at speeds that surpassed both Scoot and Wesker, after this flurry of impressive blows, he was at a disadvantage, coming back at the end of his run in the royale, before being pinned against the ropes by Bowser.

Known to be faster than even Sanic, he possesses a finisher called "Zenkai" where he fast-forwards himself and does some 50-hit combo ninja shit

^ Desecration I say.

He won a rumble at 21:11 (Check em) though Mike Erector felt the need to make me more butthurt than the average /v/ browser at a Jennifer Hepler ritual. (no title shot was intended for the winner)


  • Despite many claims of perfectionism, Cell still has buckteeth. Cell has denied us any comment.
  • Is so far the only wrassler to actually edit his own page, be it rather biased with extreme neutrality.
  • Seems to have lost his tail along with Bowser, and uses a cape to hide his shamefur dispray as a convenient replacement that looks fantastic.
  • Ring out's in a royal rumble get called absorbtions.