Phoenix Wright is the defence attorney we all know and love.


He was added to the /v/WE as request of several fans on 31/1/12. Lawgasms will ensue. Ran in to assist Wario during Wario vs Skelenegro on 1/31/2012, to raise an objection about the CEO's unfair policies being used to award himself the Championship. However, the objection was overruled with a chair to the face. He promptly flew out of the ring with a single blow to the face.

Made a reappearance on 7/3/2012, during a championship bout between Wario and Solid Snake. The attorney, presumeably hired by Wario, patrolled the outside of the ring and defended his client whenever Snake attempted a pin. This pattern continued until Snake, enraged at this dishonest behavior, beat the attorney with a chair. Phoenix was forced to flee in a manner eeriely similar to the last time he assisted the top jew.


Dat Hair.


  • Has killed hundreds of opponents in 3v3 Combat by shouting "Objection!" Alone. His shouting skills are comparable to the Dragonborn of yore.
  • He gained some recogination in the /v/we Championship with Wario and Skelenegro. He came out to object Skelenegro only to recieve a chair to the face.
  • He later returned on 7/3/2012 to assist Wario once more, only to recieve yet another chair to the face.
  • Dislikes chairs.


Phoenix Wright - Pursuit ~ Cornered 2001 Cadenza Remix

Phoenix Wright - Pursuit ~ Cornered 2001 Cadenza Remix