I didn't get this Medical Degree for nothing, I want to help people! Now keep still, it's time for your Daily Dose.
/v/WE Character
Titles Daily Doser, The Doc
Series Dragon Ball Z
Allies Vegeta, The Hulk
Enemies Team Asscreed

Dr. Piccolo, MD PROCT DDS DDM is a wrestler of the /v/WE who decided to wrestle in the Royal Rumbles along with Vegeta to show the world that he is much mightier than Goku. He recently won a notable Tornado Tag Team Ladder Match with Vegeta against the team of Ezio and Altaïr. This match made them Team Green and Dosed.

Piccolo AKA "The Doc" is a huge fan favourite, but it is rumoured Skelenegro and Anthorax fear his power and try to keep him from wrestling as much as possible.

In Video Game WrestlingEdit


Do you even dose?

Finishing Maneuver(s):
  • Green and Purple Overdose
  • Daily Dose (Submission Hold)

Theme songEdit

Green and Purple - Kritikal

Green and Purple Extra Strength Dose

Green and Purple Extra Strength Dose


  • Eliminations in rumbles are known as doses.
  • It is rumored that the daily dose can reverse Erectile Dysfunction. This rumor is reinforced by a spectator who said "The balls were always inert until I met the doc".
    • Some pass off this rumor as the spectator just being gay for Piccolo.


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