/v/WE Character
Titles Former Tag Team Champion
Series Team Fortress 2
Allies Fox McCloud, Heavy, Scout
Enemies Fauxhound

Pyro is a /v/WE wrestler, where he mostly participates in Team TF2. He hardly joins any Royal Rumble. Although Pyro is a part of Team TF2 (who have a rivalry with Fox McCloud ), he and Fox seem to show signs respect for eachother. This has been shown when Pyro pinned Fox in a Tornado Tag match in order to stop the brutal 3 on 1 beating that he and his team inflicted upon Fox after Fox's two team mates were elimated from the match. Fox repayed the favor in their next match by pinning him quickly when Pyro was left alone facing both Fox and Solid Snake .

Shown to posses Red Ranger levels of toughness on february 1st of 2012, where Team TF2 fought against Team Grovee Street Bustas.


  • Currently occupied airblasting Woody to his previous condition.
  • has shown honorable mercy on Faux, and got the same in return, showing that Pyro is indeed, honorable.