Vance "Redpants" Archer flashing a smile for the cameras.
/v/WE Character
Titles Beloved by fans, Honorary Assassin
Series WWE
Allies Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Altaïr Ibn La Ahad
Enemies Skelenegro

Redpants (known as "Vance Archer" in the WWE) is currently wrestling for /v/WE under the ring name Redpants.

Video Game Wrestling CareerEdit

Redpants has participated in every Royal Rumble since the beginning of the /v/WE. For some unkown reason, he is quite over with the /v/WE audience, as they scream "REDPAAANTS!" everytime his music hits. After a brutal fight between Wesker, Woody, Ezio and Himself, Redpants came out ontop. He offered a hand in friendship to Ezio, cementing their friendship and The Creed's place in /v/WE history. Many consider the Bromance to be a false relationship due to his betrayal at the Summerslam PPV, however on 1/2/12 he appeared alongside Ezio in a Tornado Tag match agains The Dose. He used this to his advantage and getting the edge over Ezio and Woody and thus
Redpants cage match
becoming the Number one contender for the /v/WE championship.

He was once considered part of the stable "The Creed". It is unknown if he still friends with Ezio after the Summerslam cage match.

Redpants got his first title shot against Skelenegro at Night of Champions on January 30. After a few minutes, the fame got to him and he started to pose for the fans during the match. Gaben quickly rushed to Skelenegro's side to give Redpants a reality check. After Skelenegro pinned Redpants for first time, Redpants went into overdrive mode and made Skelenegro bleed. Skelenegro countered and gave Redpants a devestating pilediver. He ultimately lost with 0 pins against Skelenegro.

In Vidya WrestlingEdit

Finishing Maneuver :

  • Dark Days (Snap Inverted DDT)

Theme songEdit




  • Redpants shares the same theme song with OP.
  • His pants are red with the blood of his enemies.
  • Has a tsundere bromance with his teammate Ezio Auditore.
  • Some say he has a resemblance with Big Boss, illustrated live at the event
  • Has a son named Jason.
  • He is the husbando of many people.
  • He is also known as Redpantsu~