Grovy Wrestler

Wrestling is nothing new for Sadlygrove

"You're going to have the honor of tasting a proper fight. The kind practiced by my ancestors, the Iops!"

Sir Sadlygrove Percedal (Aka Grovy, Tristepin, Iopbrain) is a character from a universe of racially diverse large-hipped buxom women known as The World of Twelve. Grovy hails from a race of ginger-haired berserker warriors known as Iops, the dumbest of the Twelve, known only for their love of fighting and not-dying long past the point where their brain functions have ceased to exist (Sadlygrove once defeated a giant demonspawn by smashing his skull into it's head repeatedly. He now uses that demonspawn as a sword). Is known for generally being a huge moralfag and not thinking things through.

Has a not-Elf girlfriend named Evangelyne which everyone and their grandmother furiously masturbates to.

Skelenegro has been watching Sadlygrove and his companions for quite some time, and the incredible wrestling display that he made at the World of Twelve's Trool Fair impressed Skelenegro greatly. He has yet to to make his entrance into the /v/WE.