Instead of Suggested Wrasslers, here is where we can add 3-Man Suggested Teams. Please include a name, and try not to put the word "Team" in the suggestion.


  • Team America: Guile, Barack Obama, Duke Nukem
  • Robot Rock: Bender, Robotnik, Megaman
  • Malpracticide: Dr. Zoidberg, Piccolo, Dr. Robotnik
  • The Red Menace: Red Ranger, Redpants, Stalin
  • Fat Bastards: Gaben, Dr. Robotnik, Billy Mays
  • 8-BITches: Mega Man, Link, Sonic Too bad Genesis was 16-Bit
  • Team Terrible: Captain Falcon HE'S THE HERO OF THE PEOPLE, Vegeta, Phoenix Wright
  • The Palette Swaps: Scorpion and Sub-Zero (for a 3-man team include Reptile)
  • Team Spandex: Red Ranger, Kamen Rider, Ultraman
  • Testicular Fortitude: Wesker, Jensen, Guile, Duke, etc. (Quite a few wrasslers could be on this team)
  • Team Crapcom: Wesker, Phoenix Wright, Megaman (Possible additions depending on roster changes)
  • Blue Crew: Billy Mays, Sanic Hegehog, Phoenix Wright
  • The Alliance: Commander Shepard and Captain King
  • Team Game master aka Team why the hell are we still not in Smash bros: Megaman, Simon Belmont
  • /v/WE Communist Party: Joseph Stalin, Heavy, Lu Bu