Swift "OP 2.0" is a bad wrestler who won the 28th's Battle Royale in a final fight against Adam Jensen.


Swift, one of the most hated character in the whole show.

His victory was not a good one however, as he had the hate of most of the watchers, so the Contestant to Robotnik's title was chosen in a fight between the two best fighters of the Royale: Ezio Auditore and Captain Picard.


Swift in real life, picture used to model his character. He looks just like you think he would.

He commited suicide shortly after his win. He was just hated too much.. Although some evidence points towards a possible homicide commited by one or more of the wrestlers.


  • Swift is the founder of Team Swift and streams random vidya games like Antraxo does.
  • After Swift (the wrestler) was made and deleted, there has not been a new "self-insert" since then. Now invalid, Dave was born.