A spoon full of sugar won't bring these two down.

Team Green and Dosed, or Team Daily Dose, is one of the latest 3 man teams to come into /v/WE, and easily the most loved by livestream viewers. In their title debut, they managed to beat Team AssCreed, a feat in which Team Autism couldn't accomplish.

Originally, these two were free agents, and at one point fought each other, in which Piccolo won. After the match, they consulted each other and learned about each other's mutual love of pharmasuiticals. Their goals in the creation of the team is to bring cheap medicine to impoverished fighters everywhere, reminding them "Always take your Daily Dose!"

The Founding members are Vegeta and Dr. Piccolo. The Terminator later joined after he helped the team in a critical Tag Team Match. Also includes the Hulk for obvious reasons.

Terminator was removed from the team on February 1st, because everyone forgot why he was on the team in the first place.

January 31st Tag Team MatchupEdit

On January 31, Team Green and Dosed with the Hulk we set to face Team Grove Street in the Elimination chamber. Vegeta started the match against CJ, but soon found himself outnumbered by his gangsters homeboys BIG Smoke and Ryder. Despite a valliant effort, Vegeta soon succumbed to the numerous taunts of "Busta" a

Green and Dosed defeat the Grove Street Crew

nd "Poor little white Saiyan". The Incredible Hulk was unable to save his close ally and Vegeta was the first to fall.

Little did Team Grove Street know however, that Dr.Piccolo was preparing his own concoction of revenge. After gaining enrty to the ring, Dr.Piccolo and the Hulk proceeded to hand groove street their asses, with Piccolo personally administering his dosage to Big Smoke and Hulk choke slamming, power bombing and spine busting Ryder onto the steel chamber, proving once and for all who the real "Busta" is.

CJ was no match for the combned might of Dr.Piccolo and the Hulk, having already recieved a heavy enough dose to draw blood. The remaining members, Doc and the Hulk, made short work of the leader of Team Groove and the match was ended in favour of team Dosed.

In other mediaEdit

The two originally met in the animu DragonBall Z, but their friendship and eventual partnership was cultivated in the /v/WE arena.