26/1/2012 never forget. ;_;7


On a day considered legendary in /v/WE history, Solid Snake challenged the defending champion JeWario for the /v/WE Title. The match was an even contest for the better half, but Wario claimed the first pin on Snake to gain a 1-0 lead. Snake eventually came back with a pin of his own, making it 1-1. Trying to feed off the momentum from his pin, Snake hammered into Wario. But Wario retaliated with a vicious counterattack that left Snake battered and bleeding profusely. Snake, however, refused to stay down. After Snake kicked out of a pin-attempt, Wario decided to end the match decisively. Wario hit Snake with his finisher, a flip powerbomb. It seemed all over for Snake, but he surprised everyone by countering Wario's roll-up at the two count into one of his own. Snake pinned Wario and walked away the /v/WE champion.


The stairs incident.