Jew crew

The Jew Crew

The Jew Crew
is the most prolific of all Teams. The alliance is shaky at best. Being Jews, the members are greedy and self-serving, and they have all fought each other at some point or other. Ostracized by fans, all members are

characterized by large sums of money and the uncanny ability to set tables on fire with Jew Magics.

Rise to notorietyEdit

Team Jew is known for its ambush during Donkey Kong vs. Dr. Robotnik on 28th January. As both Wario and Picard tried to interrupt match.

Later, Wario and Picard were fighting in the catering room. Wario won by means of KO.

The Jew Crew has dissolved until further notice.

The Jew Crew is back in action with Picard back on board and they won the Tag team Title for the first time on February 9th 2012

The New Jew CrewEdit

Risen from the ashes of the old Jew Crew. It consists of:

  • Wario - Leader
  • Robotnik - Former rival, turned recent convert
  • Picard - Recently rejoined the team for the February 9th Tag Team Tournament
  • Billy Mays - Rumored to not be a jew, but really loves money. $19.99 that is. Plus tip.

New RivalsEdit

  • DK - Also has a hatred for Wario, as he tried to help Robitnik and is considered a face of the company.
  • Skelenegro - Runs a conspiracy against the Jew crew. The Irony is killing us.
  • Team Fauxhound - Lost their tag team championship to the jew Crew on February 9th


  • Billy Mays lost the first /v/WE Championship to Wario. However, it would seem that this rivalry is behind them. Billy has aided Wario on occasion since then.
  • Picard lost a championship match to Robotnik, in which he used Jew Tactics. In a later match between Robotnik and Donkey Kong both he and Wario interrupted, Wario attacking DK and Picard attacking Robotnik. Later, Wario and Picard had a backstage brawl which Wario won. Whether Picard still harbors misgivings over this and whether he is still in cahoots with Skelenegro is unknown. It is now clear that Wario and Picard settled their dispute (propably with lots of jew money) as Picard rejoined The Jew Crew to win the Tag Title.

In MemoriumEdit

Wario's loathed dearly loved brother Waluigi has tragically had his career cut short due to roster changes. We will miss him 5evr. This, and the fact that he has no gaems made about him has made him spiral into a deep depression, and no one knows if he'll recover.