"I have a concussion, but i don't care."

-Blood Ranger

The Red Power Ranger(also known as The Red Rage by the fans after he went on a rampage backstage against Wario and the CEO, and the Red Tank for his "never give up" attitude and high tolerance for pain, also, "Blood Ranger" as he refuses to pin his oponents) joined the /v/WE on the 30th of January.

The Red Ranger made his debut with the Blue and Green Rangers for a Tag Team match against Team Futurama. Unfortunately the debut did not go very well for Team Ranger, as Team Futurama quickly defeated them for the win, though Red managed to last against all three for an impressive amount of time as he refused to allow team future to pin him. The Red Ranger would then get involved with a fight backstage with a newcomer to the /v/WE, The Stig.

The Red Ranger dispatched The Stig without too much difficulty before being entered for the following Royal Rumble.

Red green

The Red Ranger squares off against Piccolo as the final two on his Royal Rumble debut

The Red Ranger won his first Royal Rumble match on January 30th, defeating Piccolo in the final, earning him a shot at the /v/WE Championship Belt against Wario. He tried so hard, and got so far. However in the end it didn't even matter. Wario retained his Belt with 2-1 victory.

Jason is not bound by rules, he got into backstage fight with Wario, and defeated him in a good bout of revengeance, beating him to near-death with a snow shovel, leaving him in critical condition.

His finishing move is a variation of a DDT 'Red Ranger Drop'


The Red Ranger wins his first Royal Rumble


Red getting WARIOED

However, /v/WE does not take kindly to abuse on their champions, and the act caught the attention of CEO Skelenegro. He was called into the office, where Skelenegro beat the shit out of Red with his barbell.

He later formed Our Favourite Deputies with Woody and Buzz, hoping for a more successful tag team than his previous team with the other rangers.

In 13th of February, The Red Ranger and Wario met once again, as last two fighters of a Royal Rumble match. The result was not a pretty sight, as Wario let his rage take full control of him and he really beat the crap out of the Ranger.


Saving Woody after a dramatic Tag, only to hop his way into this position


  • Suspected of extreme use of steroids.
  • Used to be a Gay Porn Star.
  • Can take massive amounts of damage.
  • Known to fans as "Roid Rager".