Chapter 1Edit

Nothing really interesting happened to our favourite wressler. Just some random matches, it all begun however after Ladder match against Kozlov and Jericho.

Chapter 2Edit

The Mystery of the Druids Coverart

Skele found himself in SCP-████, where suddenly DOZENS of Druids came down raining upon him.

It was all Wario'sUndertaker's, trickery MOTHERFUCKING BLACK MAGIC after summoning all the Jew Souls that Skele has gassed over his career.

After defeating the Druids, he started collecting souls of dead wresslers. More mysteries of Skele's past are revealed as he might have connections to Dark Souls and [DATA EXPUNGED].

After a fight with some random Irish wressler, he was once again saved by The Undertaker who revealed his true powerlevel as Jew Archmage. Is it possible that the Undertaker is Wario's master? And what will he do now that Skele reigns supreme in the /v/WE?

Later our hero-to-become, encountered strange gas-filled coffins, reminding him of his victims. All this happened while Ghostbusters theme was playing in the background

Chapter 3Edit

Fat man pauly

Skele brutally raping Fat Man Pauly Barren. AKA Undertaker's gay lover.

Skele goes on to fight Jake roberts, Jimmy Snuka, Kane (steps out of an evil time Capsule) all the while being pesterd by what can be best described at Gabe Newell if he sounded like Mickey Mouse and had a moustache. Although The Undertaker and his black magic protect Mickey Newell, he later betrays the fattie and Skele proceeds to kick his ass. In the match that shall change his life, Skele faces the world famous Undertaker. Skele ends up winning, Becomes CEO and the events of the /v/WE occur.