"I'll be lose in the next rumble."

The Terminator by Ble4ch
The Terminator, also known as Arnold Schwarzenegger or AHNULD is a Wrestler in the /v/WE. Despite having a fantastic start to his career, being one of the first wrestlers to win a royal rumble, The Terminator has yet to do anything significant in the /v/WE.

He made a surprising appearance during a Tag Team Match between Team Green and Dosed and Team AssCreed, to aid Piccolo and Vegeta after Vance "Redpants" Archer came to assist Ezio and Altaïr. Team Green and Dosed went on to win the match and become number one contenders for the Tag Team Title. Piccolo later approached Arnold with an offer to join his Team, which he accepted.

Sent back on 13/02/2012


After the events of his lastest failure at making a decent vidya gaem, Arnold became el president of the United States, this caused tension between the Blacks and Hispanics living in Washington DC. He knew that a newly develped weapon was in order to destroy the rabble. So he and his new OP nazi scientists created a weapon called the Holocoaster, which is a gaint roller coaster that leads into a huge EZbake oven, He feel victim to his own creation and was BURNED in half, being replaced with many props from the movies he was recently invested in, he bacame his old ego and would fight to regain his sanity and skin all together.

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