Handsome fighters never lose battles!
/v/WE Character
Titles None
Series Street Fighter
Allies Himself, M. Bison
Enemies Practically everyone else.

Vega (AKA Claw or Balrog in foreign countries) is an aspiring wrassler that, much like Guile, is a veteran of the Street Fighter tournament. While marvelling over his pure beauty in the mirror, he decided he had need for a new challenge, something that he wasn't already one of the masters of; Then he discovered /v/WE. The more he saw of it, the more eager he was. His accomplice, M. Bison, sent him on his way to make it onto the picture as a representative.

Theme SongEdit



  • Vega is known to like all of his own posts on every blogging website he has been part of.
  • Has a criminal record of stalking women and assaulting them once they get out of the shower.
  • His face has a similar effect to Solid Snake's ass. To prevent anyone from seeing his supple face except for himself, he wears a mask.
  • Rumored to get off on looking at himself in the mirror.