The Prince of Saiyans.
/v/WE Character
Titles Daily Doser
Series Dragon Ball Z
Allies Piccolo, The Hulk
Enemies Team Asscreed

"You can pin my body, toss me out of the ring, but there is one thing a Wrassler always keeps... his PRIDE!"

Vegeta "The Prince" (Also called Virginia on occasions) is an active professional wrestler in the /v/WE and is currently part of Team Green and Dosed. Actually a pretty shitty wrestler, and is supported purely by Piccolo .

Wrestling CareerEdit

Vegeta won the 2nd Royal Rumble that took place on January 26th, 2012.

Matchup with PiccoloEdit


Thanks Doc.

The match between Piccolo and Vegeta was one of the most requested in /v/WE history. Eventually the dose was delivered to over 500 people on January 28th 2012.

The funny thing is, this picture was put here before the actual match. And that's how it went.

Green and Dosed Versus Grove Street FamiliesEdit

Vegeta started against Carl Johnson himself in the beginning of this tornado tag massacre. CJ was at an advantage in the first few minutes when Big Smoke joined the fray and the two began knocking Vegeta around like a teen whore at prom night. When Ryder was tagged in before any of Vegeta's teammates all hope seemed lost.

Though outnumbered, he managed to do some damage to the three members of Grove Street Families and fend them off until Hulk could finally be brought in for team Dosed. Vegeta was first to be pinned, but he never gave up even when faced with the impossible odds of a three versus one curbstomp.

Theme songEdit




  • Trained with Fox after his crushing defeat to Team TF2 and taught him how to use Zenkai, the Saiyan way of becoming stronger after a near death experience
  • Outlasted his rival Goku to become the only Saiyan currently employed by the /v/WE