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Zelda is the Hero of Time, easily identified by his green tunic, brown boots and blond hair. He has tossed away his sword and shield for his wrestling career. Just like most of /v/ he was to beta to approach zelda directly and ask her out, so he turned to wrestling for one final resort to show the manliness of himself in combat.

He is a minor fighter who has failed to distinguish himself in the /v/WE. He typically gets thrown out of the Royal Rumbles rather quickly. Loves to eat Octoroks.

Sent back to Hyrule on 13/02/2012

Recent appearancesEdit

Zelda has appeared in many Royal Rumbles to this date, but hasn't made any significant progress in any. His usual time in the ring involves being beaten down and constantly assaulted before being eliminated.... 30 seconds after entering the ring.

Although this may be true, he has made significant progress in more recent Royal Rumbles, increasing his time in the ring by being more aggressive.

On Royal Rumble #1 on 31st January, 2012, Zelda made notable highlights. He managed to floor the entire ring of 5 people (including himself by tripping over the floor). He also managed to eliminate Ex-Champion Adam "The Future" Jensen and Red Ranger , with assisstance from Robotnik

The FutureEdit

We recently interviewed Zelda, to which he told us that he's "considering giving up on /v/WE, as he cannot into ring long enough to make a difference". At least, this is what our grunt translator managed to decipher from Zelda's grunts and moans.